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Last Updated: January 17, 2023

Navigate Stays Privacy Policy


Effective Date: January 17, 2024

1. Introduction and Scope


At Navigate Stays, we prioritize the privacy and security of our clients' personal information. This Privacy Policy details our practices regarding the collection, use, and sharing of information in connection with our business operations. Navigate Stays specializes in providing short-term rental management services, along with related client services, through our website, mobile applications, and direct client interactions.


This Privacy Policy applies to all services offered by Navigate Stays, including but not limited to:


  • Management of short-term rental properties.

  • Client interactions through our website, mobile applications, social media platforms, and customer support.

  • Marketing communications and client engagement activities.


It is important to note that while Navigate Stays does not operate as a real estate brokerage, we have a professional referral relationship with Navigate Real Estate Group, a licensed real estate brokerage in the state of California. This policy does not cover the practices of Navigate Real Estate Group or any third-party websites or services linked to or from our platforms. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of any third-party entities you interact with.


As our services and the digital landscape evolve, we may update this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in our practices or legal requirements. We will notify you of significant updates and post the revised policy on our website, indicating the effective date at the top of the policy.


By utilizing our services, you acknowledge and consent to the collection, use, and sharing of your information as described in this Privacy Policy.


2. Information We Collect

A. Types of Information Collected

At Navigate Stays, we collect various types of information to provide and improve our services, ensure a seamless client experience, and comply with legal obligations. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Personal Identification Information: This may include your name, email address, phone number, and other contact details necessary for booking and managing short-term rental properties.

  2. Payment and Transaction Information: Details necessary to process payments for our services, such as credit/debit card numbers, billing addresses, and transaction history.

  3. Property Information: Specific details about the properties managed by Navigate Stays, including location, features, and availability.

  4. User Interactions: Information regarding your interactions with our website, mobile applications, customer service, and social media platforms, which may include communication records and preferences.

  5. Technical Data: This may include IP addresses, browser types, operating system details, and other technical information relevant to the use of our digital platforms.

B. Collection Methods

Information is collected through various channels:

  • Directly from You: When you engage with our services, such as making a booking, contacting customer support, or interacting with our website and applications.

  • Automatically: Through the use of cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies on our digital platforms.

  • Third Parties: From partners and service providers, as well as publicly available sources, where applicable and in accordance with legal requirements.


C. Consent and Compliance

We collect information based on your consent, contractual necessity, and as required by law. We commit to obtaining your consent where required and respecting your preferences regarding the use of your personal data.


3. How We Use Your Information


At Navigate Stays, we use the information collected for a variety of purposes, each aimed at enhancing our services and your experience. The following outlines the primary uses of your data:


A. Service Provision and Contract Fulfillment

  1. Booking and Property Management: To facilitate bookings, manage properties, and ensure a seamless rental experience for both hosts and guests.

  2. Payment Processing: For the execution of transactions, including billing, payment collection, and financial record-keeping.

  3. Customer Support: To provide assistance, resolve issues, and improve service quality.

B. Personalization and User Experience

  1. Tailored Services: Customizing our services to meet your preferences and needs.

  2. Website and Application Functionality: Enhancing usability and features based on user interactions and feedback.

C. Communication and Marketing

  1. Updates and Informational Communications: Informing you about service changes, bookings, and important notices.

  2. Promotional Activities: Sending offers, newsletters, and marketing communications relevant to your interests, subject to your consent where applicable.

  3. Feedback and Reviews: Requesting your input to improve our services and offerings.


D. Security and Fraud Prevention

  1. Protecting Information: Implementing measures to safeguard your personal information against unauthorized access, alteration, and misuse.

  2. Fraud Detection: Monitoring transactions and activities to prevent and detect fraudulent or illegal activities.

E. Compliance and Legal Obligations

  1. Legal Compliance: Adhering to legal, regulatory, and tax requirements, including data reporting and record-keeping obligations.

  2. Enforcement of Terms: Upholding our terms of service and other agreements, including dispute resolution.

F. Research and Development

  1. Service Improvement: Analyzing data to enhance existing services and develop new offerings.

  2. Market Analysis: Conducting research to understand market trends and customer needs.

G. Data Analytics

  1. Usage Analysis: Evaluating how our services are used to optimize performance and user experience.

  2. Performance Metrics: Tracking and analyzing service usage to guide business decisions and strategies.


Consent and Opt-Out Options

We respect your choices regarding the use of your information. Where required, we will obtain your consent for certain uses of your data, especially for marketing purposes. You will always have the opportunity to opt-out or adjust your preferences for non-essential communications.

4. Information Sharing and Disclosure


At Navigate Stays, we recognize the importance of your personal information and are committed to protecting your privacy. Our policy on sharing and disclosing this information is outlined below:

A. Sharing with Service Providers

  1. Operational Partners: Information may be shared with partners and service providers for operational purposes, such as property maintenance, cleaning services, and guest support.

  2. Payment Processors: To facilitate transactions, we may share necessary payment information with trusted payment processing partners.

  3. Marketing and Communication: We may engage third-party services for marketing, advertising, and communication efforts, sharing information as required for these services.

B. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

  1. Law Enforcement and Legal Requests: We may disclose information to comply with legal requirements, such as court orders, subpoenas, or regulatory demands.

  2. Protecting Rights and Safety: In cases where it's necessary to protect the rights, property, or safety of Navigate Stays, our users, or others, we may share information as needed.

C. Business Transfers

  1. Mergers and Acquisitions: In the event of a business transfer, merger, acquisition, or sale of assets, your information may be transferred as part of the transaction.

D. Aggregate and De-identified Data

  1. Non-Personally Identifiable Information: We may share aggregate or de-identified data that cannot be used to identify you with partners or for public reporting.

E. With Consent

  1. User-Requested Sharing: We may share information with other parties when you explicitly request or consent to such sharing.

F. Third-Party Services

  1. External Services: When using third-party services in conjunction with our services (e.g., social media platforms), information may be shared according to the policies of these third-party services.

G. Property Owners and Guests

  1. Booking Information: Essential booking details may be shared between property owners and guests to facilitate the rental process.

Your Privacy Choices

  1. Opt-Out Options: You can choose to opt-out of certain types of information sharing, particularly for marketing purposes.

  2. Data Access and Control: We respect your right to access, modify, and control your information and provide mechanisms for these purposes.

5. Your Rights and Preferences

Navigate Stays is committed to ensuring that you have control over your personal information. The following outlines the rights and preferences available to you:

A. Access and Accuracy

  1. Right to Access: You have the right to request access to the personal information we hold about you.

  2. Accuracy: We strive to maintain the accuracy of your information and encourage you to update your information as needed.

B. Control and Correction

  1. Modification and Correction: You can modify or correct your personal information at any time through your account settings or by contacting us directly.

  2. Data Portability: You have the right to receive your personal data in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format.

C. Data Deletion

  1. Right to Deletion: You may request the deletion of your personal information, subject to certain exceptions, such as legal compliance or fulfillment of contractual obligations.

D. Opt-Out and Withdrawal of Consent

  1. Opt-Out of Marketing Communications: You can opt-out of receiving marketing communications from us at any time.

  2. Withdrawal of Consent: Where we process your data based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time.

E. Restrictions and Objections

  1. Restrict Processing: In certain circumstances, you have the right to request that we restrict the processing of your personal data.

  2. Objection to Processing: You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data, particularly for direct marketing purposes.

F. Complaints and Inquiries

  1. Feedback and Complaints: If you have concerns or complaints about your privacy rights, we encourage you to contact us directly.

  2. External Recourse: You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority or seek judicial remedy if you believe your rights have been violated.

G. Updates and Changes to Personal Information

  1. Notification of Changes: If there are any changes to your personal information, we will notify you and update our records accordingly.

  2. Verification of Identity: For your security, we may require verification of identity before implementing your requests related to your personal data.

6. Data Security and Integrity

A. Commitment to Security

  1. Security Measures: Navigate Stays implements robust security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction.

  2. Continuous Monitoring: Our security systems are continuously monitored and updated to counter new threats and vulnerabilities.

B. Data Integrity

  1. Data Accuracy: We take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal data we process is accurate, complete, and current.

  2. Data Minimization: We only collect and process the minimum amount of personal data necessary for the intended purposes.

C. Employee and Contractor Training

  1. Confidentiality Obligations: All employees and contractors of Navigate Stays are bound by confidentiality obligations and are trained on the importance of privacy and data security.

  2. Access Control: Access to personal data is strictly limited to authorized personnel who require it to perform their job functions.

D. Incident Response

  1. Breach Notification: In the event of a data breach, we will promptly notify affected individuals and relevant authorities in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

  2. Incident Management: We have an incident management process in place to respond to and resolve any potential data security incidents.

E. Secure Data Transmission

  1. Encryption: Personal data transmitted over the internet is protected using encryption technologies such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

  2. Secure Storage: Data is stored in secure, access-controlled environments.

F. Third-Party Vendors and Partners

  1. Vendor Compliance: We require all third-party vendors and partners to adhere to our data security standards and privacy practices.

  2. Audits and Assessments: Regular audits and assessments are conducted to ensure third-party compliance with our data security requirements.

7. International Data Transfer and Processing

A. Cross-Border Data Transfer

  1. Global Operations: Navigate Stays operates globally, which may involve transferring your personal data across international borders.

  2. Compliance with Laws: All data transfers are conducted in compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations.

B. Data Transfer Mechanisms

  1. Transfer Mechanisms: We use approved data transfer mechanisms, such as Standard Contractual Clauses, to ensure the lawful transfer of personal data.

  2. Data Protection Standards: Personal data transferred to countries outside of your jurisdiction will be subject to the same level of protection as in your home country.

C. Consent for Data Transfer

  1. User Consent: By using our services, you consent to the transfer of your personal data as described in this policy.

  2. Revocation of Consent: You have the right to withdraw your consent to international data transfers at any time.

D. Data Processing Locations

  1. Processing Facilities: Personal data may be processed in any country where we have facilities or engage service providers.

  2. Data Processing Agreement: All processing facilities and service providers are required to adhere to our privacy standards and are bound by data processing agreements.

E. Data Protection Officers

  1. Appointment of DPOs: Navigate Stays appoints Data Protection Officers (DPOs) where required by law.

  2. DPO Responsibilities: DPOs oversee compliance with data protection laws and act as a point of contact for data subjects and supervisory authorities.

8. Security Measures for Data Protection

A. Commitment to Data Security

  1. Security Protocols: Navigate Stays implements robust security measures to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of personal data.

  2. Regular Updates: Our security protocols are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure the highest level of data protection.

B. Data Encryption and Access Control

  1. Encryption: Personal data is encrypted both in transit and at rest to prevent unauthorized access.

  2. Access Control: Strict access controls are enforced. Only authorized personnel have access to personal data, and they are required to maintain confidentiality.

C. Monitoring and Response

  1. Continuous Monitoring: Our systems are continuously monitored for potential threats and vulnerabilities.

  2. Incident Response Plan: In the event of a data breach, Navigate Stays has a comprehensive incident response plan to quickly address and mitigate any harm.

D. Employee Training

  1. Data Protection Training: All employees receive regular training on data protection and are made aware of their responsibilities in safeguarding personal data.

  2. Best Practices: Employees are educated on best practices for data security and privacy.

E. Third-Party Vendor Security

  1. Vendor Selection: We carefully select third-party vendors and service providers who adhere to our high standards of data protection.

  2. Vendor Agreements: All vendors and service providers are bound by contractual obligations to ensure data security and privacy.

9. Children's Privacy

A. Age Restrictions

  1. Age Limit: Navigate Stays' services are not directed towards individuals under the age of 18. We do not knowingly collect, use, or share personal data from children under 18.

  2. Parental Consent: In the event that we discover we have collected personal information from a child under 18 without parental consent, we will take steps to remove that information as soon as possible.

B. Parental Access

  1. Parental Rights: Parents or guardians of children under the age of 18 may review, request the deletion, or refuse further collection or use of their child's personal information.

  2. Process for Parents: To exercise these rights, parents or guardians can contact us through the methods outlined in our contact section.

C. Online Activities of Children

  1. Monitoring and Enforcement: Navigate Stays does not monitor or track the online activities of children nor do we create profiles or marketing directed towards children under 18.

  2. Educational Resources: We encourage parents and guardians to monitor their children's online usage and to instruct them on the safe and responsible use of their personal data on the internet.

10. Changes to This Privacy Policy

A. Policy Updates and Revisions

  1. Regular Updates: Navigate Stays reserves the right to update or revise this Privacy Policy at any time to reflect changes in our practices, service offerings, or legal requirements.

  2. Notice of Changes: Any significant changes to our Privacy Policy will be communicated through our website, via email, or other means of communication where appropriate. The updated policy will include the date of the latest revision.

B. User's Acknowledgment of Changes

  1. Acceptance of Updates: Your continued use of our services after the effective date of such changes constitutes your acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy.

  2. Review Encouraged: We encourage users to frequently review the Privacy Policy for any changes to stay informed about how we are protecting the personal information we collect.

C. Historical Versions

  1. Access to Previous Versions: Historical versions of our Privacy Policy will be archived and accessible on our website for your review.

  2. Tracking Changes: Each version will clearly note the changes made from the previous versions to ensure transparency in how our data handling practices evolve over time.

11. User Rights and Preferences

A. Overview of User Rights

  1. Right to Access: Users can request access to the personal information Navigate Stays holds about them.

  2. Right to Rectification: Users are entitled to request corrections to their data if it is inaccurate or incomplete.

  3. Right to Erasure: Users can request the deletion of their personal information under certain conditions.

  4. Right to Restrict Processing: Users have the right to request a limitation on the processing of their data under specific circumstances.

  5. Right to Data Portability: Users can request the transfer of their data to another organization, where applicable.

  6. Right to Object: Users can object to the processing of their personal data for direct marketing or for reasons related to their particular situation.

B. Exercising User Rights

  1. Procedures for Exercising Rights: Navigate Stays provides clear instructions on its website for users to exercise these rights, including relevant contact details.

  2. Verification Process: To ensure the security of user data, identity verification will be conducted for each request.

  3. Response Time: Navigate Stays commits to responding to user requests regarding their rights within legally required timeframes.

C. User Preferences and Consent

  1. Managing Preferences: Users can control the collection, use, and sharing of their personal data through account settings or by contacting Navigate Stays directly.

  2. Withdrawal of Consent: Users have the right to withdraw consent at any time for data processing they previously agreed to.

D. Communication Preferences

  1. Opt-Out Options: Users can opt-out of marketing communications by using the unsubscribe link in emails, responding with "STOP" to text messages, or by other means as specified by Navigate Stays.

  2. Changes to Communication Preferences: Users can modify their communication preferences anytime via account settings or by reaching out to our support team.

12. Links to Other Websites

  1. External Links: Navigate Stays' website and communications may contain links to third-party websites. These links are provided for convenience and informational purposes only.

  2. Independence of Third-Party Sites: Navigate Stays does not have control over, and is not responsible for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third-party websites.

  3. User Discretion Advised: Users are encouraged to exercise caution and read the privacy policies of any third-party websites they visit, as their practices may differ from those of Navigate Stays.

  4. No Endorsement Implied: The inclusion of any links to third-party websites does not imply endorsement by Navigate Stays of the website, its contents, or its services.

13. Opt-Out and Communication Preferences

A. Opt-Out Options

  1. Marketing Communications: Users have the right to opt out of receiving marketing emails, newsletters, or other promotional communications from Navigate Stays. This can be done by using the unsubscribe link provided in every marketing email, responding with "STOP" to text messages, or contacting us directly to remove your information from our marketing lists.

  2. Cookie Preferences: Our website uses cookies for various purposes, including enhancing user experience and gathering analytics. Users can manage their cookie preferences through their browser settings, allowing them to decline or accept certain types of cookies.

B. Managing Communication Preferences

  1. Email and Text Preferences: Users can modify their communication preferences regarding service notifications, booking confirmations, and other operational messages at any time. This can be done through account settings or by reaching out to our customer support team.

  2. Feedback and Surveys: While we value user feedback for improving our services, participation in surveys or feedback requests is entirely voluntary. Users can choose not to participate without any impact on their use of our services.

C. Withdrawal of Consent

  1. Revoking Consent: At any time, users can withdraw their consent for us to process their personal data, especially in areas where their consent was initially sought. This can be executed through account settings or by contacting our data protection officer.

  2. Impact of Withdrawal: It’s important to note that withdrawing consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal. Certain services may be affected or become unavailable upon withdrawal of consent when such processing is integral to the service.

14. Use of Cookies and Tracking Technologies UPDATE MORE

A. Understanding Cookies and Tracking Technologies

  1. Definition: Cookies are small data files stored on your device when you visit a website. Tracking technologies like web beacons, pixels, and tags are used to collect information as you navigate our website and use our services.

  2. Purpose: We use these technologies to personalize your experience, analyze trends, administer the website, track user movements around the website, and gather demographic information about our user base.

B. Types of Cookies Used

  1. Essential Cookies: These are necessary for the website to function and cannot be switched off in our systems. They are usually set in response to actions made by you, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in, or filling in forms.

  2. Performance and Analytics Cookies: These cookies collect information about how you use our website, such as which pages you visit and if you encounter any errors. This data is used for analytics purposes to improve our website's functionality and user experience.

15. Data Retention and Deletion

A. Data Retention Policy

  1. Duration of Retention: Navigate Stays retains personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected, including for the purposes of satisfying any legal, regulatory, tax, accounting, or reporting requirements.

  2. Criteria for Determining Retention Periods: The retention period for data is determined based on the nature of the data, the purpose for which it is processed, and any relevant legal or regulatory requirements.

B. Deletion of Data

  1. Deletion upon Request: Upon your request, we will delete or anonymize your personal data, unless there are legal reasons to retain it, such as ongoing legal proceedings or compliance with regulatory obligations.

  2. Automated Deletion Protocols: Our systems are designed to automatically delete data that is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected or required by law.

C. Secure Disposal of Data

  1. Data Disposal Procedures: We employ secure data disposal procedures to ensure that your personal data is safely and permanently deleted when it is no longer required.

  2. Protection of Data During Disposal: Measures are taken to protect your data from unauthorized access, misuse, or disclosure during the disposal process.

16. Governance and Oversight

A. Governance Structure

  1. Data Governance Team: Navigate Stays maintains a dedicated team responsible for overseeing data privacy and protection matters, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and internal policies.

  2. Roles and Responsibilities: This team, which includes data protection officers where required, is tasked with managing data privacy, addressing user concerns, and liaising with regulatory bodies.

B. Compliance and Audits

  1. Regular Audits: We conduct regular audits to review and assess our data handling practices and ensure compliance with privacy laws and regulations.

  2. Compliance Updates: Our policies and procedures are regularly updated to align with evolving legal and regulatory landscapes.

C. User Education and Awareness

  1. Informational Resources: Navigate Stays provides resources to educate users about their data rights and our privacy practices.

  2. Training for Employees: All employees undergo regular training on data protection and privacy, reinforcing their role in safeguarding user information.

D. Engagement with Regulators

  1. Regulatory Liaison: We maintain open communication with data protection authorities and other regulatory bodies, ensuring that we are up-to-date with privacy requirements and best practices.

  2. Transparency in Reporting: Navigate Stays is committed to transparency in its interactions with regulators, including reporting breaches and data management practices.

17. Contact Information and Queries

A. Contact Details

  1. For Inquiries and Requests: Users can contact Navigate Stays for any privacy-related concerns or requests at the following:

  2. Data Protection Officer (DPO): For specific inquiries related to data protection, users can reach out to our designated DPO via the email provided.

B. Handling User Queries

  1. Response Protocol: Navigate Stays is committed to promptly addressing user queries and concerns regarding their personal data and privacy rights.

  2. Documentation and Record-Keeping: All inquiries and our responses are documented for accountability and continuous improvement of our privacy practices.

C. Feedback Mechanism

  1. User Feedback: We welcome and encourage feedback from our users to improve our privacy practices and user experience.

  2. Improvement Processes: User feedback is systematically reviewed and used to make necessary adjustments to our privacy policy and practices.

18. Privacy Policy Acceptance and User Responsibility

A. Policy Acceptance

  1. Acknowledgment of Policy: By using the services of Navigate Stays, users implicitly accept the terms and conditions outlined in this Privacy Policy.

  2. Informed Consent: Users are expected to have read, understood, and consented to the data collection, usage, and sharing practices as described in this Privacy Policy.

B. User Responsibility

  1. Personal Data Accuracy: Users are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the personal data they provide to Navigate Stays.

  2. Updating Personal Information: Users should promptly update their personal information in their account or contact Navigate Stays directly to reflect any changes.

C. Policy Revisions

  1. Notification of Changes: Navigate Stays reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Significant changes will be communicated to users through appropriate channels.

  2. Continuous Review: Users are encouraged to regularly review the Privacy Policy to stay informed about how their personal data is being protected.

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