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Navigate Real Estate Group

Short-Term Rental Real Estate in California

In the Golden State, the short-term rental scene has its nuances. At Navigate Real Estate Group, we understand California's unique rental landscape intimately. Leveraging our state-focused insights, we ensure your properties shine from Malibu to San Diego. Whether you’re dipping your toes in the California rental waters or have been surfing these waves for years, we’ve got your back.


Newport Beach, CA


Full-Service Brokerage​


STR Market Analysis

STR Property Evaluation

Turnkey STR Solutions

Licensing & Compliance

STR Investment Strategy

Design & Furnishing Consultation

Integration with Navigate Stays

Navigate Stays operates as an independent entity and does not own, nor is it owned by, Navigate Real Estate Group. Despite this independence, Navigate Stays maintains a longstanding professional relationship with Navigate Real Estate Group and routinely refers clients to them for real estate services. Navigate Stays has established a history of collaboration with Navigate Real Estate Group and its Broker of Record, Maximillian Everhardt, to facilitate a comprehensive suite of real estate services.

Navigate Real Estate Group is a licensed real estate brokerage firm in the state of California, holding DRE License Number #02219540, with Maximillian Everhardt as the Principal Broker. For inquiries or services pertaining to real estate brokerage and property management in California, Navigate Stays recommends contacting Navigate Real Estate Group directly.

Unlocking the California Dream


Thinking about a personal beachfront retreat in Malibu or a cabin in Lake Tahoe? Or, perhaps, eyeing the profitability of short-term rentals in San Francisco or Los Angeles? With Navigate Real Estate Group, you’re always a step closer to realizing your California dream.

Maximize Returns on Your Californian Vacation Home

Navigating the bustling real estate marketplaces of spots like Napa, Santa Barbara, or Palm Springs? We're here to guide your selling journey, ensuring your property reaches the right audience and fetches its true value.

Sell Your California Vacation Home

  • Collaborate with experts deeply embedded in California’s short-term rental market.

  • Connect with our dedicated network of California-based property investors and potential buyers.

  • Exhibit your property with high-quality listings, showcasing the best of California living through professional photos and 3D tours.

Discover Your California Vacation Property with Navigate

  • Access tailored rental income forecasts tailored for California's diverse locales.

  • Benefit from our in-depth expertise specific to California's real estate dynamics.

  • Utilize our dedicated property management and Californian-inspired interior decor solutions.

What Navigate Real Estate Does

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on being driven by hospitality, ensuring that our clients always come first. Our team is available 24/7, providing prompt responses and support no matter the time of day. We understand the stress that comes with buying, selling, or investing in a property, and we are committed to being there for our clients every step of the way.

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